Training Video on Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents (below):
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Above is a PowerPoint presentation with audio containing MUST KNOW INFORMATION ABOUT SLEEP DISORDERS that is designed for Parents or Professionals working with children and adolescents.  It contains the following information:


  • What is normal sleep versus abnormal sleep in children and adolescents,
  • The high incidence rate of sleep disorders in children/teens,
  • The poor awareness and poor screening/identification process presently in this country contributing to this high incidence rate,
  • How sleep disorders impair the functioning of the prefrontal cortex and limbic areas of the brain (which impacts executive functioning, memory, learning, emotional regulation, etc...),
  • Which sleep disorders are harmless and which sleep disorders impair cognition, learning, behaviors, health, and safety and need treatment,
  • The symptoms or warning signs of each of these major sleep disorders that impair daytime performance and health,
  • The screening, identification, and intervention or treatment process for each sleep disorder, 
  • The significant improvements in children/teens' performance post-treatment or correction of the sleep disorder, and 
  • The high costs to our school districts and society if these major sleep disorders go unidentified and treated.

This presentation is everything you need to know to help identify and correct children's harmful sleep disorders.  It is provided to you on this website (above) FREE of charge in order to help identify the millions of children and teens in this country whose daytime performance is impaired by a sleep disorder.  School districts or other companies can show this presentation to their staff in approximately four hours and provide them inservice training points.  School districts and hospitals usually pay Dr. Luginbuehl $2,000 for this four hour training, but now it is being provided free of charge to help more children get their sleep disorders identified and corrected.  Just hook up your computer to a power point projector and show this training on a large screen to your staff, or have them watch it individually whenever it is convenient for them.

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