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Many pediatric sleep disorders cause learning and/or behavioral/emotional problems.  Therefore, all professionals working with children/teens who have these problems should screen them for sleep disorders, especially if they are being referred for Special Education consideration or Mental Health Diagnoses (DSM-IV). Many of their learning and behavior/emotional problems will decrease if they have a sleep disorder that is corrected. This could save school districts and insurance companies billions of dollars in remedial or healthcare services if these sleep disorders are identified early and corrected. Presently, only about 2% of all children and adolescents with correctable sleep disorders are being screened and treated!

Why Use the Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS)?

Our Sleep Disorders Inventory for Students (SDIS) is the first step to finding out if a child or adolescent has a high probability of a sleep disorder and needs to be referred to the pediatrician or sleep specialist for a comprehensive sleep evaluation. In cases of behavioral sleep disorders (i.e., Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood or Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome) our report provides behavioral interventions for the parent and professional to help the child or teen correct the problems, usually without needing to go to the pediatrician or sleep specialist for help.

The SDIS is recognized by sleep specialists and many other professionals as one of the leading sleep screening inventories in the world due to several factors:  

1) It is the only sleep screening inventory in the world to screen both children and
adolescents for the major sleep disorders impairing children's daytime performance;

2) All 11 recommended steps of validation were used to establish high validity and reliability for this screening instrument (see Spruyt & Gozal, January, 2011, in Sleep Medicine Review);

3) It is the only sleep screening instrument with quick, easy, and accurate computer scoring. It generates a clear graph and comprehensive report with excellent recommendations for professional and parents (who know little about sleep disorders). Our software also can maintain a large data base for researchers and school or hospital record maintenance. Furthermore, pediatricians are about 10 times more likely to refer children with high SDIS scores for a comprehensive sleep evaluation than when parents complain of sleep problems in their child, but have no reliable data to prove it. Pediatricians also have reliable data in their hands if insurance companies or Medicaid employees complain that the pediatrician is making too many referrals for comprehensive sleep evaluations.

Many Sizes or Varieties of SDIS Start-Up Kits:

1) We offer a variety of sizes of Sleep Disorder Inventory for Students (SDIS) Start-Up Kits, depending on the number of screenings professionals need to conduct each year.  For screenings in School Districts or Hospitals, we recommend our USS200-US2000 series, which provides the CD scoring software and enables professionals to screen anywhere from 200 children to 2,000 children.  With this package, the user is given permission to copy the SDIS Record Forms for the amount of children they select (200 to 2,000), which drastically cuts costs for large screenings in schools or hospitals.  At Child Uplift, Inc., we try to make these large screenings so inexpensive that every child or adolescent coming through your doors will be screened, just like they all receive routine vision and hearing screenings!  Approximately FIVE (5) times as many children and adolescents have sleep problems/ disorders than vision or hearing problems, which cause learning and/or behavior problems!  All the more reason that all of our children in the USA should be routinely screened for sleep problems every 2-3 years, starting in preschool or kindergarten.

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